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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PST

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for other projects. it is to get more students out of larger units and into the smaller units in the city. particularly i want to thank you the planning staff that did on this. a few of you have been there through the wool process. please move this forward >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is david i'm with the college of the arts. where a 1 hundred and 6-year-old institution founded during the
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earthquake. the lack of affordable student housing in the city is impacting the ability of san francisco colleges to attract the best student. as you know the colleges have been working with each other in the san francisco area that will help developmenters to bring solutions to our area. when i searched the business wants to review some of the milestones in this issue i came across some articles. as tim mentioned terrific work
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by planning staff has been tremors and ron if you're watching thank you. students bring a unique housing opportunity. they don't drag things along as they move instead, they arrive in san francisco with a bike they walk bike or take transit everywhere. they need to secure their bikes and be able to move around. they are unable however, to afford the most modest market rentals and there ever they take family housing out of
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circulation and they keep it out of circulation for a long time. and let me say that you may be aware of cc a issues because of the bus biblical e building. we were named top 10 green building and we're only the college and the only college as green. >> thank you. any further public comment? >> sue this is the second week in a row that the department has
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done something good for student housing. last year the letters from scott went out on the cad any project. they have been acquiring student how's - and turning it into student how's. we have a real art college here and we should be encouraging and make it hard for people that are outlaws to not build student housing but we should be encouraging the cc a's of the city. and because i carry around a map here with me.
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there's a municipal problem i don't know if it's going to show up here. the housing is here the college is here. and i have because i have - i was here 90 for the last item. an analysis of the bus it's supposed to connect these the number 19 bus is pardon me is a joke. it if doesn't go that often and the planning department has got to step up to the plate. we've been approving much humongous now housing and new opportunities but the bus system is a one hundred years old it's not a business system that goes
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around. there lines in the map and not really frequent. if you live in the richmond district and want to get downtown you're in fat city. but if you want to get around from the center of the student colleges then oh, well >> but who is going to yell and scream until the bus system is improved. it should start here and we have an i deal institution on the number 19 at both ends of this south market and they did the better bus service but for cc ac thank you for doing this. thank you >> thank you.
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public comment? no. okay seeing 99 no public comment it's closed >> and i hope this project will not fail under the meaning of - i think that timely pursuit for this to become a real project this is exactly the way we should be doing things. not just vague ideas there's a way to move forward with something like this this i'm fully happy.
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i'm not sure who i am suppose to ask on this if the building suggests 1 hundred 20 micro units but there is an idea you want to reverse the remainder in case i have a response how would that prevent people from coming forward and taking advantage of this? >> i think it's basically a first come, first serve as the projects are entitled when we reach the 375 we would have to take a look. >> but that doesn't get to the core of my question. the project lose for 1 hundred
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concern with a reverse that would cut into the ability of others. you can say let the market determine and off i go or there has to be a concern amount of clarity >> that's the only question otherwise i'm extreme happy about the building. i think the use of this project is a wonderful idea. and it speaks to the inhabits and the fact if cc a is indeed involved i couldn't be happier >> thank you i have a number of items first of all, i think your color schemes are very we have.
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there's a nice appearance. i'm not sure so sure about the featured art on the side of the wall that looks like skrishl. the next thing is the actual rooms themselves. with a one hundred and 50 square feet is the useable part >> i think it's about 251 net. and there are very similar size of the project over harry street. we've kept those open.
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these aren't 2 hundred and 20 square feet their larger. >> and those are the efficiency unit but there 1 hundred 20 efficiency and 40 suits. >> there are 2 and 3 bedroom units with a kitchen and a bath. yeah, and they'd be separate bedrooms >> yeah. their designed to have private bedrooms for the students who want them. >> and in the back of our package is the floor plans. so essential with the suits we've designed additional
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frontage for windows that allows here bedroom one, bedroom 2, shared dooing. thank you. yeah, i think this is a very good model and maybe even more popular than the smaller units. because the newer dormitories have gone to this kind of a format rather than a series of small units with a sink in the old style. and then the 4 or 5 students share a common area so that gives them a feeling of
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community while they still have their privacy. another comment apparently you're having a lot of them that are being used by the california college of arts and science i believe it is >> they're taking half the building. >> how much of the building is they're going to be - >> well before the building was ability we're actually seeking a tenant for the other top floors but we want to maintain effect ability if we can't find a tenant. cc aa is trying to - i think we may have more luck when the, is
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closer to being completed as opposed to an paper >> people can see what an apartment looked like and they can judge this harriet project. so your intention is the entire believe would be student housing and there ever your exempted from any market units >> yeah. >> and i read through the paperwork the cost of hawking. 84 more units normally the density would allow limiting the income to a certain amount.
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yeah, we had a number of waivers of certain expressions. one of which is the funding bonus for student as well >> and one other possible school that would have an interest as you are aware that the dental reconcile are at 8 accounting and mission. one of the things they need to have is some kind of lab space. if their facility is open all the time then they may not have to have lab space >> right and we'd love to get n them in there. i think they'd be comparable
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with our students; right? >> both have a lot of these tools. >> thank you i think it is a very good project and i think it's good. we appreciate getting the legislation passed after so many years >> thank you i only hope that 12 guys that live next to me in the two bedroom apartment are watching this. but this is a great - it's a great project a great location. the fact that it's car free is great. i like little design. so it's wonderful to see the efforts that it's being built
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>> we talked about the first project out of the box that shows it's - you know, we're taking a third of the cap already away so i think we should soon look at the cap. people are not here to protest this they're singing their praises. i think we should continue to more forward on this project. thank you. along those lines i think before we even get to 375 i think the department should comfort and
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deal with the board. and i think that will probably happen anyway. on note on the noise issue i don't know if the gentleman the attorney - the for the union has looked at the mitigation measures under enjoys? okay. thank you. so your familiar with the mitigation that's been proposed. staff are there other things that you can think of not in the mitigations >> not really there construction concerns and that's in the mitigation report. >> i believe they have a
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standard mitigation person. >> thank you i'd you encourage the developer to continue talking with the union and i think there is a designated person and be aware that someone will be designated and the developer should give you their contact information. with that i guess -- well commission commissioner. >> well, the one comment is there's only one car space you don't have to have one but if there is space in the area you should consider having a second car space. if you're going to have a whole
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building without car space it should be something considered. with that i'll move forward with a motion >> i want to ask a question kind of a reminder. and so in the case that an institution would pull out then it converts to being market housing is that true? and if the efficiency or the market rate what would that be - look like >> well, this project is going to be done in two years.
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i would not want to hazard a guess what's going there. i do know that the cost to the university is about thirty percent below market maybe more. probably significantly more by the time it's built but i don't know what the market is going to be in two years time >> thank you. commissioner >> i'm fine with the project even the part where there's no parking lot. but when i went to the university several years ago one of us had a car and most of the time we were okay in finding a parking lot place.
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by 50 percent of your students especially in professional students with your going to have cars especially, when they leave the city or go other place. i assume there's going to be a lot of units that have less than one to one parking so assuming there will be garages in the area >> is there a second to move? so move the commissioners and the motion passing unanimously 6 to zero >> secretary if we could take a
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20 minute break? >> for 20 minutes) >> the planning commission regular hearing for january 24th. i want to remind everyone to turn off cell phones. commissioner we left off case no. .01 - and for rear yard variance. good afternoon vice president wood and planning staff prevent two applications one in condition of use and the second
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one is a variance application which will be heard by the the zoning administrator. and 18 street we propose the following first, the removal of the existing garage and off street parking on the ground floor and expansion of the ground floor with the roof-deck below. second, t second, t second, t second, t second, the .
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number 3 the county u county club defined as other institutions large and on the second floor. and then the last parts of the work subject to condition use dhorgs o authorization is the use of the second floor rear roof-deck at the country club out door area. and beside this proposal we're subject to continually use there's a rear yard varngs which is to replace an existing third floor stairway with a spiral stairway. mraen code section 134 requires
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a subject property to have a rear deck. and to within 5 feet of the property rear line. and pursuant of the planning code construction of a non-compliant structure is prohibited. the stairway is in the rear yard therefore it's replacement will be not be within cod. the ground floor restaurant will replace the parking space. first there is a reduction of
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parking garage places. it is included in the k u packet. the proptdz restaurant will not be for private use it is designed to be in the local neighborhood and make 8 to 10 job openings. and from 11:00 a.m. to 12 o'clock midnight fridays and saturdays and open on sunday's. and for the second part the proposed legaltion of the country club on the second floor. it is due to a residential
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conversion based upon the parties responsibility this happened thirty years ago in april 1983. it seems the previous property owner has passed away so there's no information regarding that unit containing 2 bedrooms. however, consider the size of the unit it's a two bedroom it's not really a family sized housing and it's not part of the today's housing. the country club according to the application it would provide a safe and clean place for the l g b community in drugs and alcohol.
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it has exited for almost thirty years and has a very good recollection among the community. and during the notification process including conditional use and permit building notice the department received two letters in opposition to the project. one letter was sent by two private owners of the corner building on castro and howard core streets 4050, 18 street. and they had an issue are the odor from the building and the